Over 100 million smartwatches by 2019 but no killer app

Juniper Research looks into its murky crystal ball

Over 100 million smartwatches by 2019 but no killer app

Juniper Research has been crunching the numbers as more and more companies reveal their plans for wrist-mounted lifestyle tech, and predicts that over 100 million smartwatches will be in general use over the next five years.

The report arrives after Apple joined the smartwatch fray, which is expected to provide the retail catalyst for wearable tech consumption.

And once the wearables are out there, people are naturally going to want games and software for them.

No killer apps

However, the report is less kind when it comes to the uptake being app-driven; at least, in terms of hardware adoption following the popularisation of a particular piece of software.

"[The] range of functionality available means that it is unlikely that a ‘killer app’ for smartwatches would evolve," the report claims, and goes on to say that the feature-rich nature of the devices is where their strength will be found. 

It's not expecting hardware prices to drop any time soon, however. Indeed, high-end smartwatches seem to be more of an industry focus, as fashion houses like TAG Hauer take an interest and Apple looks to cater to the social prestige angle as much as the tech-conscious consumer.

"High functionality and premium branding means that the average smartwatch price will remain above $200 until 2020 at the earliest," it concludes.

[source: Juniper Research]

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