Unity Asset Store heading for 1 million users

Celebrates 4th anniversary with (almost) milestone

Unity Asset Store heading for 1 million users

Four years after it first opened up to developers, Unity has announced it expects to have one million users by the end of 2014.

The firm claim it has more than 15,000 content packages and apps on the store – created by 3,800 different developers – saving developers six million workdays over a 12 month period - something it values at $1.4 billion.

It's also providing an opportunity for teams to develop their tools into businesses. 

"The Asset Store and community have made the continued development of Shader Forge possible to the point where I've now been working on it full time for about a year," said Joachim Holmér, creator of Shader Forge.

"It's absolutely amazing to see what people create with a tool of your own making and watch how an actively helpful community forms around it."

A real asset

“We envisioned the Asset Store as a democratic marketplace that would give developers, especially indies, a way to acquire high quality assets and technology cheaply while also providing a way to make some extra money on the side,” said founder David Helgason, who recently stepped down as CEO to become executive VP.

“Because Unity is used by so many developers, inside and outside of gaming, around the world, the Asset Store has become a big part of the success the Unity developer community.

Time=saving assets

"It’s saving developers time and resources, providing access to assets and tools that would otherwise have been out of reach, and has created incredible new streams of revenue for many.

“We are very proud of what it’s turned into just four years after launch.”

Unity recently appointed former EA CEO John Riccitiello as its new CEO.

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