InMobi extends reach to 872 million users and 138 billion monthly ad impressions

Making an impression

InMobi extends reach to 872 million users and 138 billion monthly ad impressions

Mobile ad platform InMobi has announced its global reach has extended dramatically, with the firm revealing it now reaches 872 million monthly active users.

InMobi's audience spans over 200 countries, and serves up roughly 138 billion ad impressions every month.

A company statement revealed that the advertising outfit believes it has brought together the "art and science of mobile advertising" by helping brands engage with potential consumers.

Its key statistics are: 

  • Ad requests (per day) : 4.8 billion per day
  • Events Ingested (per day) : 10 billion per day
  • Total amount of new data generated in a single day : 24 TB
  • Data processed (per day): 420 TB
  • Global reach of 872 million active uniques
  • Number of distinct analysis done directly on our big-data Hadoop warehouse : 800 per day

Catering to the masses

Indeed, according to InMobi's vice president of revenue and operations, Atul Satija, the company's growing reach is the result of an advertising evolution.

“Today, mobile advertising is all about catering to an ‘always-on’ user. As users begin to take decisions in real time, the concept of immediacy and moment marketing at that precise instance becomes critical to influence his decisions," said Satija.

"Our investments in data sciences and technology has resulted in better understanding of our users."

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