Next Games plays its ace, announcing four game Compass Point series

It's a Wild West themed character-based card-battler

Next Games plays its ace, announcing four game Compass Point series

If making a game based on the The Walking Dead TV show wasn't enough to stretch any developer, ambitious Finnish outfit Next Games has announced its first original IP.

Called Compass Point, the developer's plan is to release four games in the character-heavy card-collection Wild West action game.

Due for release in February 2015, the first game in the series will be Compass Point: West.

Ride 'em cowboy

"With Compass Point: West, we explore the action strategy genre from a fresh, new angle by introducing an original card mechanic rarely seen in these types of games as a part of the game's core loop," explained chief product officer Joakim Achrén.

"The universe we are building will line up a wide range of characters with quirky personalities in our interpretation of the Wild West."

This game will mark a great starting point for the Compass Point series and an important milestone for Next Games," added CEO Teemu Huuhtanen.

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