Apple waves goodbye to 'free' gaming by rewording download buttons

The end of an era

Apple waves goodbye to 'free' gaming by rewording download buttons

The formal age of 'free' gaming could be coming to an end, with Apple updating its Mac and iTunes app stores to change the wording of download buttons for free apps from 'Free' to 'Get'.

Apple's semantic change of heart is likely a result of the European Commission's recent attempts to clamp down on exhortative free-to-play titles.

Google had previously led the charge by banning games that use in-app purchases from using the word 'free' on its app store.

Time for change

Apple, however, was initially reluctant to make any changes, with the European Commission lambasting the Cupertino giant's lack of "firm commitment" back in July.

Earlier in the year the EU commissioner for consumer policy, Neven Mimica, explained that by ridding app stores of the word 'free', consumers, and particularly children, would be better protected.

"This is significant for consumers. In particular, children must be better protected when playing online," said Mimica.

"The action also provides invaluable experience for the ongoing reflection on how to most effectively organise the enforcement of consumer rights in the Union."


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