Samsung preps Gear VR launch by dropping Note 4 price

The brains of the Gear VR headset targets US gamers in time for Christmas

Samsung preps Gear VR launch by dropping Note 4 price

The Gear VR has gained a lot of attention from within the game development community not only because it's likely to be one of the first virtual reality gaming platforms to become available, but also due to its close attachment to the Oculus Rift.

Games for the $249 Gear VR should translate neatly to the dedicated VR system - and its digital store - further down the line.

But we're still waiting on news of the Gear VR's official "December" launch, a price tweak from Samsung in the US indicates that its release could be imminent.

Note 4 price drop

It's not a huge saving if you aren't ready to renew your contract, but if you're getting ready to order a new phone, you're in luck as all major US carriers are now reflecting Samsung's new pricing for the Note 4.

AT&T, Verizon and Sprint contracts are now accompanied by a $199 price tag on the large form-factor smartphone, which serves as the display, head-tracking and brains for the Gear VR headset.

Without the Note 4, there is no Gear VR, so this is the seasonal deal that expectant virtual reality gamers have been waiting for.

Without a Note 4, there is no Samsung VR gaming.

Smartphone pricing campaigns aren't uncommon around Christmas, but we've a strong feeling that this is an effort to boost the potential customer base for the Gear VR, given its inherent reliance on there being a strong foundation of Note 4 users on launch day.

And it's a good move. The gaming world is poised on the edge of the virtual reality seat with no practical way to start playing. The Oculus-designed Gear VR is expected to kick off the VR game store that'll make or break the platform, so getting Note 4s in people's hands is the first obstacle in the race. 

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