APM deals brings hundreds of thousands of music tracks to Unity Asset Store

Top quality audio at accessible prices

Date Type Companies involved Size
December 2nd, 2014 partnership APM Music
Unity Technologies
Not disclosed
APM deals brings hundreds of thousands of music tracks to Unity Asset Store

For the first time, APM Music is being made available to millions of Unity developers through the Asset Store marketplace.

A joint venture from EMI Music Publishing and Universal Music Publishing, APM Music is the premiere provider of production music for triple-A games, major TV programs and top Hollywood films.

The agreement with Unity means that hundreds of thousands of production music tracks will be available to license at affordable prices.

In the past, APM Music has helped bring to life games from studios like EA, Activision, SCEA, Ubisoft and Microsoft.

Through the Asset Store, developers will now be able to license top quality music without breaking the bank – and there is even an option for single click-through legal agreements.

Music to your ears

To make the licensing process as smooth as possible, APM and Unity have collaborated to integrate the APM search engine and library directly within the Asset Store.

It means developers won't need to leave the store to complete a transaction.

"This is a really huge deal for our community of developers," said David Helgason, Unity Technologies' founder and EVP.

"They now have access to an unbelievable wealth of music tracks at easily attainable prices. APM Music is where many of the world's leading publishers and movie producers come to license tracks and, working together, we've evened out another aspect of development that was once heavily weighted to big budgets and deep connections."

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