Live Game Board launches augmented reality SDK for Unity

Adding depth

Live Game Board launches augmented reality SDK for Unity

Live Game Board is a new company in the underpopulated augmented reality world that aims to combine Android smartphones, tablets and traditional board games into a digital table top experience.

It's just released a Unity SDK, alongside its existing support for Qualcomm's Vuforia platform, to draft in more game devs.

Ligabo, as the SDK is known, opens the company's technology to all Unity developers and provides its own app store on which they can deploy their cross-platform titles.

The digital table top

Live Game Board uses a poster-sized mat that's detected by game's augmented reality engine, which then overlays a 3D game graphics on top of the real-world image.

Boards of various sizes and materials are on sale to gamers, but that's not where Live Game Board is making its money, since it also allows the user to print out their own. A black and white image is fine in terms of providing the necessary tracking.

Live Game Board is now currently working to populate its own digital game store and build on the handful of launch titles that are available.

A range of tutorials are also available over on the official Ligabo developers page, including how to add its AR components to existing games.

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