Apple App Store smashes revenue records in first week of 2015

Apple has set the bar high for this year

Apple App Store smashes revenue records in first week of 2015

The latest figures from Apple have revealed that it came roaring out of the blocks for 2015.

According to a statement on its press page, the first week of January saw Apple set a new record for billings as "nearly half a billion dollars" were spent by global customers on apps and IAPs.

Interestingly, revenues peaked on New Year’s Day whereas previous years had seen records broken on 25 December.

The Financial Times has suggested that that this may indicate the strong growth of iPhones and iPads throughout Asia.

It’s the cherry on top of a steaming Apple profit pie. Since its launch in 2008, Apple has racked up revenues of more than $35 billion from apps.

Bite of the Apple

App makers have also enjoyed large slices of this revenue. 2014 saw App Store sales rise 50 percent on 2013, netting developers over $10 billion.

Still, Jackdaw Research’s chief industry analyst Jan Dawson has tweeted caution when viewing the growth figures. “Year-on-year, App Store payments seem to have risen strongly. But fairly consistent $2.5bn/quarter over past year on average,” he said.

Currently more than 1.4 million apps and games exist on the App Store, 725,000 of which are designed for iPad.

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