Gaming Live provides alternative to Twitch

Coming soon to iOS and Android

Gaming Live provides alternative to Twitch

EEDAR's Patrick Walker has already emphasised the importance of video streaming for mobile game developers, pointing in particular to Twitch - the dominant, Amazon-owned streaming platform.

However, upcoming service Gaming Live is looking to unsettle Twitch's monopoly.

Boasting "transcoding efficiency over the competition" - meaning, in basic terms, improved video quality - the Polish firm is out to prove that game streaming is an area which can support more than one major platform.

Adjacent streams

Like Twitch, Gaming Live is scheduled to roll out on smart TVs, consoles, and set-top boxes alongside its web app.

The service will also - most significantly from our perspective - be available in the form of apps for both Android and iOS soon after launch.

"Rivalry is good, it brings better products to market," says Krystian Berg, COO and co-founder. 

"In the long-term, we want to focus on giving the content creators tools to create the best and most engaging content and allow them build audiences around their activities more effectively, as a lot of them currently struggles on oversaturated platforms.”

The sevice will be available in beta from 1 February with mobile apps coming soon afterwards.

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