Quaid Media Burst TV promises a mobile gaming UA goldrush

Driving user acquisition, one ad break at a time

Quaid Media Burst TV promises a mobile gaming UA goldrush

You may have noticed that mobile games are beginning to have more and more of a presence in television advertising. 

Aiming to capitalise on this trend is Quaid Media. The firm has just unveiled 'Burst TV', an all-encompassing TV advertising package for mobile developers and publishers which is specifically tailored towards driving user acquistion of mobile apps.

Quaid Media believes that a marketing push is most effective when delivered in a focused burst - hence the name of its package - which is why Burst TV campaigns will be pitched at around 1 to 3 days in duration.

Know your audience

A growing number of game devs - 35 percent to be precise - are turning to video ads. Quaid's specific approach will be dictated by its consumer profile for each individual app.

Certain channels and times of day will be targeted with a view to reaching the primary demographic, using the firm's specialism in TV advertising.

Each campaign will be constructed in-house at Quaid Media, and broadcast to its audience across channels such as SkyTV, Adult Swin, and ABC Family.

“TV offers a really cost-effective medium that’s shown time and again how effective it is at reaching and engaging consumers," says Josh Rinsky, Quaid Media's Vice President of Business Development.

"We expect to see many more developers turning to TV to expand their marketing campaigns.”

Video advertising is the fastest-growing mobile advertising sector, with success stories like Hipster Whale claiming huge success stories from implementing them in-game. 

The question now, however, is how to carry out that implementation properly without disrupting the gameplay experience. 

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