Execution Labs reveals new international line-up, including PewDiePie game

Montreal braces for intense game development program

Execution Labs reveals new international line-up, including PewDiePie game

Five indie studios from around the world have signed up for Execution Labs' latest accelerator program.

The Montreal-based firm raised $6 million back in November 2014 with the aim of providing developers a space to receive funding and guidance for their businesses.

Three studios - Carboard Utopia, Nine Dots Studio, and Outerminds - all hail from Canada, though two others have made a longer commute across the Atlantic.

Sand Sailor Studio hails from Romania, while Poupou Interactive has made the journey from Slovenia.

“We’ve always considered Execution Labs to be platform, business model, and geographically agnostic. Our goal is to have a huge variety of thriving XL alumni studios all over the world,” said the accelerator's co-founder Jason Della Rocca.

Gimme a boost

Previous Execution Lab programs have seen participants focus on crafting mobile, free-to-play games. This year, the program co-ordinators have noticed a more varied approach with prototypes being developed across multiple platforms including PC, console, and mobile.

However, interestingly all of the studios bar one are still planning on developing a mobile version of their games, even if they're not "mobile first."

One of the studios, Outerminds, is creating its game in partnership with PewDiePie after bagging a top ten spot in the "Indies vs. PewDiePie" game jam.

The mobile title will be a pixel art release, developed with significant input from the renowned YouTuber's fan community.

You can find out more about each of the teams on Execution Labs' website.


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