Gameloft looks to in-game advertising in 2015

Publisher has set up internal agency

Gameloft looks to in-game advertising in 2015

One of the interesting news nuggets to come out of Gameloft's disappointing 2014 financials was a volte-face in the French publisher's attitude to in-game advertising.

Famously - it's rumoured by industry scuttlebutt - a couple of years ago CEO Michel Guillemot took the snap decision to remove all in-game advertising from Gameloft titles.

In some ways, such as decision wouldn't have been illogical. Gameloft (EPA:GFT) had a vast amount of inventory, but with banner ads dominating the market, it was hard to generate meaningful revenues.

Equally, Gameloft isn't a company that wanted to have rivals like King and EA advertising in its products.

Reverse thrust

Now, the situation is very different however.

Incentivised video ads have exploded in the market, driving very strong revenues for companies who can offer a large amount of inventory.

We expect advertising to become a significant new line of business for the company.
Michel Guillemot

Similarly, Gameloft is big enough to be able to cut advantageous deals with the big consumer brands who are now entering the mobile space with significant campaigns.

And it's this situation, combined with Gameloft's disappointing results - revenue down 3 percent year-on-year, which has lead to the company setting up its own internal agency.

"With major advertising companies now switching a larger part of their budgets to mobile and with Gameloft being one of the leading publishers by downloads and audience, we expect advertising to become a significant new line of business for the company and to unlock long-term shareholder value," stated Michel Guillemot, as part of Gameloft's financial statement.

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