4 free Pocket Gamer events at GDC 2015

Awards, Party, Big Indie Pitch and Drink Up to fulfil all your needs

4 free Pocket Gamer events at GDC 2015

GDC 2015 is only a little over two weeks away.

Lovingly referred to as Christmas for the gaming business by, erm, me, it would be rude of the Pocket Gamer events team kick off the celebrations..

That’s why we’re hosting four free events in San Francisco to help you prove to your boss/investors/other half that your trip to GDC helped you meet some Gorgeous, Dreamy Contacts.

Four for the price of nothing

To help you get the most out of each of our four events (and to leave you a little bit of time to sleep), we’re doubling them up so you only have to mark two dates in your calendar.

On the 2 March, we’re kicking things off by hosting the award ceremony for the Pocket Gamer Awards.

Sponsored by Singapore Game Box and Chukong Technologies, we’ll be revealing to you, future attendees, the best games from 2014.

People having fun - that could be you

Then, once that’s done and our winners have wandered off with massive grins on their faces, we’ll segue way casually into a Pocket Gamer Party, also sponsored by Chukong Technologies, where we’ll drink a toast to our winners before we start generally drinking anyway.

And on the 5 March, we’ve got two events sponsored by Singapore Game Box that will appeal to the indie minded among you.

Look at how much fun you could have!...Look at it.

Late in the afternoon, we’ll be helping to host a Big Indie Pitch to give you developers chance to meet the mobile gaming press, before finishing proceedings with a casual Drink Up.

Sign Me Up

If you’re coming to GDC and want to come to our events, signing up is easier than falling off a thin and unstable log. Simply head to the sign up pages for our Awards, Party, Big Indie Pitch or Drink Up and nab your fine self a freebie sharpish.

Set to be the most fun in the history of mankind thus far (possibly hyperbole), get involved with our events now to make sure you don’t miss out!

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