Appsfire acquired by Mobile Network Group for a rumoured $30 million

Going for scale

Date Type Companies involved Size
February 10th, 2015 acquisition Appsfire
Mobile Network Group
Not disclosed
Appsfire acquired by Mobile Network Group for a rumoured $30 million

French app promotion service turned mobile ad network Appsfire has been acquired by French outfit Mobile Network Group.

The terms of the deal weren't discussed but the size is rumoured to be $30 million

"About a year ago, we took a big bet with Appsfire and decided to leave our prior app discovery activities and focus on developing innovative and native advertising technologies for the new generation of mobile apps," stated Appsfire CEO Ouriel Ohayon, explaining the company's pivot.

This occured when Apple starting banning app promotion services.

"We wanted to make ads look better, perform better and suck a little less," Ohayon continues.

"We quickly started to attract interest from the market and to power in-app monetization for hundreds of apps including some of the largest in the world."

The future

In terms of how the deal will impact Appsfire going forward, Ohayon says it will make it bigger and better.

"As an ad tech company, they have been at it before we started and have a reach and scale that should only help us accelerate our initial mission.

"Our goal remains the same, our technologies and services remain the same. We'll have just more resources to do what we always wanted."

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