Tapjoy's new platform will predict your players' behaviour and monetisation

Introducing the Future Value Map

Tapjoy's new platform will predict your players' behaviour and monetisation

US outfit Tapjoy has launched its all-singing-all-dancing marketing and monetisation platform.

Moving beyond its core rewards-based monetisation, Tapjoy says its Marketing Automation and Monetization Platform will enable developers to make the most of their players.

In this regard, the suite integrates predictive analytics, marketing automation, IAP-driven monetisation and rewarded advertising solutions.

One element of this is what Tapjoy calls its Future Value Map.

This is tool which combines big data and user segment to predict the future behaviour of individual users.

In this way, Tapjoy says developers can decide whether an IAP promotion, advert or in-app message will generate the most revenue.

Maxxing the max

"Freemium app developers understand that the vast majority of their revenue comes from a very small percentage of users," said Tapjoy CEO Steve Wadsworth.

"Tapjoy's Marketing Automation and Monetization Platform helps optimize the revenue from those proven spenders, while also uncovering more spenders and increasing engagement and ad-based monetization from the rest of their audience.

"With Tapjoy's Future Value Map, developers can now predict the lifetime value of all of their users, and initiate personalized in-app experiences that maximize the engagement and revenue potential of every user."

The platform isn't free but if developers serve an estimated four interstitial ads per monthly active user, Tapjoy will credit back their analytics costs.

For more information or to download the SDK, visit

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