Following a 4 cent ARPDAU testcase boost, DeNA partners with Fyber in US

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March 5th, 2015 partnership DeNA Co.,Ltd.
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Following a 4 cent ARPDAU testcase boost, DeNA partners with Fyber in US

Japanese developer, publisher and platform DeNA has turned to Fyber as its leading mobile ad monetisation partner in the US.

It will provide channels including rewarded video, interstitials and offer walls.

The move comes as DeNA tested two games with Fyber.

One was turn-based cartoon action/card-collection hybrid Super Battle Tactics, which saw an ARPDAU increase of between 2c to 4c, with the game's top 25 percent of players also watching 6 or more videos a day.

Even average players watched at least 3 videos per day.

DeNA has recently released a reskinned version of Super Battle Tactics in the shape of contemporary sim Military Masters.

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"The early successes we have seen from our partnership with Fyber prove the tremendous potential behind mobile ad monetization," said Barry Dorf, vice president of partnerships and alliances, DeNA.

Super Battle Tactics

"Fyber has become a trusted partner that provides high-touch guidance and counsel around viable, practical solutions to better monetize our portfolio. Fyber will be instrumental in helping DeNA achieve our aggressive goals."

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