Saturation of supply is behind mobile's drive to triple-A, says Behaviour VP

The industry needs to get serious

Saturation of supply is behind mobile's drive to triple-A, says Behaviour VP

Having been around for twenty years, Behaviour Interactive is Canada's largest independent games studio - and it has big plans for the future.

VP of mobile publishing Jimmy Gendron met with at GDC, and was keen to stress that the mobile games industry needs "more innovative gameplay, quality of execution and less cloning."

To achieve this, Behaviour interactive "want to make games that are mobile triple-A".

Not necessarilly in terms of budget, but in terms of quality execution so when you play the game it feels like a great game.

It's a target that Gendron believes the industry is not only capable of, but needs to meet to survive.

Stepping up

"What we're seeing in the market is lots of game that are less polished and less complete," he says, "which creates the problem of a crowded market.

"Soon the barrier to entry is going to be higher. Indie games are going to need to differentiate."

Gendron believes that part of the reason is because player expectations of quality are rising. A "saturation in supply" of games is forcing expectations up as players quickly move on to the next experience if dissatisfied with a mediocre title.

Saturation in supply is forcing expectations up.
Jimmy Gendron

"People focus too much on UA and costs of UA," Gendron explains.

"People talk too much about it being expensive, but the conversation should be flipped.

"It's like, you can open a small restautant in one area, but if people get in your restaurant and don't buy, why should you focus on persuading more people to your restaurant?

"You should focus on raising the lifetimne value of your existing users - that solves the UA cost issue in itself."

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