StartApp celebrates 350 million monthly active users

StartApp is a dev's best friend

StartApp celebrates 350 million monthly active users

Two months since it announced that it had hit the 1.5 billion download mark, and now mobile ad platform StartApp has passed the 350 million MAU milestone with 150,000 integrated apps.

Founded in 2010, the New York-based company boasts more than 500 active advertisers who use StartApp's data driven ads to engage with users.

StartApp works by helping publishers monetize, distribute and advertise apps and mobile websites.

"We are optimistic about our growth rate in the new year,” said Itay Rokni, CMO at StartApp.

“Though the company continues its mission to enhance the brand and performance of our publishers and advertisers, we will make sure that we do not become complacent. As we have reached these new milestones, we will continue our focus on innovation, new product offerings and smart ways to grow the company worldwide.”


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