On the back of games business, Palringo's 2014 sales rise 100% to $14 million

And 50% profit margin

On the back of games business, Palringo's 2014 sales rise 100% to $14 million

UK mobile messaging service Palringo has announced some impressive growth figures.

During 2014, it generated $14 million in revenues, up from $7 million in 2013.

Profits before taxes were $7 million, up from $2 million in 2013.

Indeed, Palringo says it's seen year-on-year growth of 100 percent ever year since 2012 and expects 2015 to be the same.

Gaming's the play

What's really significant, however, is how the mix of sales is changing.

During 2014, 85 percent of sales came from Palringo's mobile gaming business.

It claims to be the world's largest network for mobile community gaming; players use Palringo to coordinate external gaming sessions and chatting in real-time, with sales coming from the sale of virtual products such as animated message packs and IAPs for the growing number of mobile games integrated into the platform.

In 2014, it purchased Swedish developer Free Lunch Design, which is now Palringo's inhouse game development studio, something we recently discussed with CMO Magnus Alm.

In this way, Palringo's business is driven through its messaging and social app, which has seen installs rising to 35 million, with 50 million expected by the end of 2015.

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