Plarium's top tips to get great PR for your game

Oren Todoros spills some beans

Plarium's top tips to get great PR for your game

In the Bonus Level track at Pocket Gamer Connects London 2015, Oren Todoros, mobile PR specialist at Plarium, spoke about 'How to ignite PR exposure for your game launch'.

He provided the following tips:

  • Always provide video footage of your game.
  • Know who the audience for each journalist or website is.
  • Use Reddit and YouTube.
  • What's the real story behind your game? The game itself isn't the whole story. Why did you make this game, not another game?
  • Timing is everything. Don't wait until your game is live on an app store. Give journalists early access.
  • Focus on the positive aspect of your game. Don't slate competitors.
  • More generally, build a longterm relationship, especially in terms of social networking, retweeting etc the journalists you'll want to write about your game in the future.

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