Scopely forges multi-year partnership with Kung Fu Factory

New partnership has scope

Date Type Companies involved Size
March 26th, 2015 partnership Kung Fu Factory
Not disclosed
Scopely forges multi-year partnership with Kung Fu Factory

Nextgen mobile publisher Scopely has announced that it’s buddying up with the devs at Kung Fu Factory to launch a slew of new titles over the coming years

The partnership will produce a lineup of games based around existing IPs, as well as original titles from the two companies.

Game factory

“The team at Kung Fu Factory has consistently impressed us,” said Tim O’Brien, Scopely’s chief revenue officer, in a statement.

“We are focused on bringing the best development studios in the world into the Scopely network to help them compete and scale in an environment that increasingly favors larger publishers with superior distribution and monetization infrastructure.”

Los Angeles-based Kung Fu factory previously won Apple’s Best of 2014 Award for Adventure Time Card Wars and more recently published Pirate Bash with DeNA.

 Scopely recently closed a Series A funding round of $35 million to scale its business.

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