Bee7 and SuperAwesome partner up for COPPA-compliant Android CPI ad network

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Bee7 and SuperAwesome partner up for COPPA-compliant Android CPI ad network

Android games monetization and UA platform Bee7 - formed out of Talking Tom developer Outfit7 - has joined with children’s advertising platform SuperAwesome for a new partnership.

Together, the two companies are aiming to create the biggest COPPA-compliant advertising network specifically for mobile games.

Combining SuperAwesome’s network of over 200 million MAUs and 160 brands with Bee 7’s loyalty-based mobile game discovery platform, the partnership will help developers engage with parents and children across the globe with kid-safe advertising.

Age-appropriate mobile game advertising campaigns will be delivered by Bee7 through SuperAwesome’s AwesomeAds platform on a cost-per-install basis.

Children have become a growing area of concern for the mobile market following changes to COPPA in the US in 2013.

Child friendly

Back in January games lawyer Jaz Purewall warned that F2P was a legal minefield with younger players, while gaming for the next generation generated a lot of chatter at GDC 2015.

The partnership aim to tackle some of these emerging issues by allowing kids and parents to discover new games with Bee7’s platform, while SuperAwesome’s technology ensures the game and advertising content meets safety standards.

“This is a huge step forward for the kids mobile industry,” said Dylan Collins CEO of SuperAwesome.

“Our partnership takes the mobile expertise of Bee7 and combines it with our kid-safe advertising technology to advance the market enormously.

"For brands, this creates the largest kid-safe, mobile gaming (CPI) ad channel in the world. For developers of kids content, it offers another great COPPA-compliant, content-appropriate revenue stream on top of our premium campaigns.”

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