Rami Ismail to keynote IndieDev:Day at Develop: Brighton

Vlambeer co-founder leads fifth IndieDev: Day

Rami Ismail to keynote IndieDev:Day at Develop: Brighton

Vlambeer co-founder and games industry voice Rami Ismail has been named as the Develop:Brighton’s indie keynote speaker for 2015.

He will take to the stage on Thursday 16 July in Brighton to address the European developer community on key issues related to indie games development, as well as sharing advice for fellow developers to take back to their studios.

Ismail is lauded for Vlambeer’s success, but also for his fearless approach to tackling some of the thornier concerns that have taken root in the industry.

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His voice has drawn the spotlight on to issues including the future of global games development, governmental support of the industry, and controversial movements such as Gamergate.

“Develop:Brighton is a leading UK developers conference, and the UK is an extremely prominent and culturally relevant territory,” Ismail told

Besides, “it’s hard to get a lot of devs in one place, and Develop totally manages that,” he added.

IndieDev: Day is the last day of the conference, and has returned for its fifth year to provide developers with the chance to siphon off gold dust from industry experts, mix with other indies, and learn from a showcase of some of the best new indie projects currently in development.

Ismail will be joing on the program by

  • Jennifer Schneidereit from Nyamyam;
  • Ana Ribeiro of Pixel Ripped;
  • Lewis Denby of Beefjack;
  • Simon Roth from Machine Studios;
  • Andrea Chandler, Total Monkery;
  • John Marshall, Sock Thuggery and
  • Mudvark's Dan Da Rocha.

You can find more details on the Develop: Brighton 2015 website. 

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