Angry Birds Stella games pass 30 million downloads

Angry Birds Stella POP! does 5 million in launch month

Angry Birds Stella games pass 30 million downloads

Given the hit-driven nature of the mobile game market, it's no surprise that the biggest hits are being backed up with related or 'sister' titles.

King's added Candy Crush Saga Soda to its portfolio mix and in a similar way Rovio has added Angry Birds Stella, bringing a more female styling to the Angry Birds' party.

And it seems that Rovio is pretty happy with the uptake so far.

It's announced that within four week, the match-3 Angry Birds Stella POP! has been downloaded five million times.

This brings total downloads for the two Angry Birds Stella games to over 30 million.

Assorted Stellar videos have been viewed 160 million times across YouTube and Rovio's channel.

Go, girl

"We are delighted to see it has a strong following of female millennials globally and is resonating especially in the US," said Heini Kaihu, Rovio's head of studio.

"Gaming industry studies are revealing trends that defeat the long held presumption that mobile games are primarily a male pastime.

"We've always known this is not quite true at Rovio where we have a very inclusive culture and many female developers. We will continue to champion female characters in our games!"

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