10% of Apple Watch apps are games

Tail is already wagging the dog

10% of Apple Watch apps are games

Depending on who you ask, you'll get different numbers for the total of Apple Watch apps.

Last week, App Annie was quoting 3,061, whereas in Apple's earnings call, CEO Tim Cook was higher and less specific with a "more than 3,500" total.

Pocket Gamer's own total is 3,315 live Apple Watch apps, of which 346 are games; given the form factor  and lack of processing that's a suprising 10 percent.

Scrapping the barrel

One reason for the spread is the difference between submitted apps and live apps.

More fundamental for thirdparty companies trying to generate their own total is - as yet - there's no easy way to pull live data from the App Store.

That means that the slightly different approaches companies are taking are resulting in different totals.

In that context, we expect the Pocket Gamer total to be an underestimate.

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