Supersonic opens video mediation platform to all developers

Ready for indies too

Supersonic opens video mediation platform to all developers

App monetization and marketing platform Supersonic has pulled the cloak off its newest video mediation SDK.

The upgrade was developed in partnership with over 50 publishers that include EA, Zynga and SocialPoint.

It marks the first time Supersonic’s premium platform has been made available to publishers of all sizes, and gives developers access to what it claims is the largest rewarded video platform on the market.

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Back in 2010 Supersonic was one of the first companies to embrace the rewarded video movement on Facebook. Now it’s branched in to mobile, with a solution that requests over 50 million rewarded video ads daily.

The new mediation upgrade includes advanced waterfalling, revenue yield optimization and enhanced load-balancing processes. The latter prevents strains on device memory by sourcing ad network requests on demand.

Supersonic claims that premium and direct campaign partners who have integrated with its solution have seen a 30 – 40 percent increase in mobile ad revenue.

“Our video mediation enables publishers to have complete insight and transparency over their inventory. Through the most robust controls, ad network optimization, and now the largest rewarded video mediation user base, developers implementing video and exploring rewarded formats are reaching unprecedented fill rates and eCPMs,” said Gil Shoham, CEO and co-founder of Supersonic.

“This technology is now available to the masses and we are excited to see the value it will bring to even indie publishers.”

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