EA Mobile looks to brands such as Star Wars, UFC and Minions for success in 2015

Tastes are maturing fast

EA Mobile looks to brands such as Star Wars, UFC and Minions for success in 2015

Following its impressive FY15 figures - up 26 percent to $504 million- EA Mobile has provided a sneakpeak at what games it hopes will be continuing its growth in 2015 (or its FY16).

And as can clearly be seen, the games it's currently highlighting are all branded.

In a sense, that's no surprise as the mobile game sector has rapidly moved into a mature stage, at least in the west.

Breaking through

The days of an Angry Birds or Clash of Clans coming from nowhere to the top of the app stores charts is a thing of the past.

Similarly, EA created brands such as FIFA and Need for Speed are well known in the market place, and Star Wars - well, during 2015, it's going to be massive.

That leaves us with Minions Paradise - another film tie-in that EA announced earlier in the year - and UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship).

What is to come in FY16

Of the five, this fighting brand is the most interesting and one we hadn't heard of before in the context of EA Mobile licensing, although EA released EA Sports UFC back in June 2014.

No doubt, the apparent success of Take Two's WWE games, and the splash of Warner Bros.' WWE Legends will have been noted.

And more generally, given the increasing use of real-world brands and celebrities from the likes of Kabam and Glu Mobile, no doubt we're going to see a lot of branded content over the next six months.

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