Facebook powers up mobile app install ads with deep linking

Mobile ads just got a bit more powerful.

Facebook powers up mobile app install ads with deep linking

Facebook has lifted the lid on in-app purchase install ads that are imbued with powerfully specific deep linking.

Once an app downloads, deep linking will take the user straight to an in-app purchase page. It’s a tool that appeals to direct marketers as a way to sell products and services through apps.

Historically, direct marketing has been tricky on mobile. Merchants trying to sell through apps must first convince users to download that app, then cross their fingers that those users dig through the app to find the advertised purchase.

Digging deep

Facebook’s deep linking idea takes care of that last step, with the idea of increasing conversion rates.

To explain how it works principal monetization at Facebook, John ketchpaw, wrote a developer blog post.

“When a person taps on a mobile app install ad on Facebook, the developer can choose to send them to a specific place in their app after it’s downloaded, such as a product page rather than the homepage,” he said.

“This will make mobile app ads more effective for achieving a developer’s goals beyond the install, and provide people with better experiences by taking them to the content that attracted their attention in the ad.”

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