Tencent invests again, injecting $60 million into Pocket Gems

Rumoured to have taken a 20% stake

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May 13th, 2015 investment Pocket Gems
Tencent invests again, injecting $60 million into Pocket Gems

Chinese gaming giant Tencent has invested in a US mobile developer - again.

Following from its recent 15 percent $126 million stake in Glu Mobile, it's been announced that it's taken a minority stake in San Francisco developer Pocket Gems.

Terms haven't been disclosed but it's rumoured that it's spent around $60 million for a 20 percent stake.

Flashing the cash

Pocket Gems is one of the original F2P social mobile developers, although its current release is midcore title War Dragons.

As well as Pocket Gems and Glu Mobile, in recent years, Tencent has invested in UK company Miniclip, US midcore developer Hammer & Chisel, Japanese mobile developer Aiming and Korean outfits CJ Games and 4:33 Creative Lab, not to forget its stakes in PC and console companies such as Epic Games and Riot Games.

After all, it is the largest games company by revenue, controlling massive shares of the China PC and mobile sectors by dint of its internet platforms and messaging channels such as QQ and Weixin/WeChat.

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