Tutorial completion doesn't drive monetisation

Glispa research highlights data

Tutorial completion doesn't drive monetisation

New data from Glispa has shown that the oft-repeated advice to optimise your funnel - notably your tutorial - may not pay off.

It's published a study from 1.5 million users to identify trends in post-install engagement.

An average of 65 percent completed a game's tutorials, but a mere 2 percent of them went  on to make a purchase.

Hard nosed

From these findings, glispa has suggested that developers should not make tutorials a primary focus in engaging their users, but rather aim to drive what it calls 'true engagement'.

"Developers who want to drive purchases should not just look to tutorials to engage users with games, but make sure that they are optimizing the games experience," said Gary Lin, Glispa's founder and CEO.

"Whether it’s unlocking content or customizing the game, developers should look for opportunities to truly engage users in the game to drive purchases.”

You can read the full data flash here.

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