Palringo acquires Tribe Studios to bolster in-game chat tech

UK-based firm keeps on growing

Date Type Companies involved Size
May 20th, 2015 acquisition Palringo
Tribe Studios Ltd.
Not disclosed
Palringo acquires Tribe Studios to bolster in-game chat tech

As in-game chat mechanics become more commonplace, mobile gaming network Palringo is keeping ahead of the curve with its strategic acquisition of Tribe Studios.

The terms of the deal have not been disclosed, but it’s the second acquisition that the UK-based company has made in the Nordic region after it bought Swedish studio Free Lunch Design last year.

For Palringo, its interest in Tribe Studios lies in the Finnish firm’s patented Dramagame technology. Tribe currently uses it to develop multiplayer RPGs built around chat interaction – that is, multiplayer RPGs with an unlimited number of outcomes based on player decisions.


The acquisition will enable Palringo to develop chat-based games that focus on asymmetric multiplayer stories.

It’s been a strong year for Palringo, having seen revenue growth of 100 percent to $14 million in 2014.

While its business is centred on selling rich media messages, premium features and large chat-based games, 85 percent of the company’s revenue comes from games – so it’s a key area of growth for Palringo.

“Tribe studios has a unique offering that fits perfectly with our ambitions of establishing Palringo as the pioneer in mobile community gaming," said Palringo CEO Tim Rea.

"The combination of games, messaging, and communities creates fantastic, sustainabled proposition.” 

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