Playfire competitor officially launches after 37,500-strong beta

Social discovery platform revs up

Playfire competitor officially launches after 37,500-strong beta

After a successful closed beta period, has finally been ripped out its packaging and is ready for launch.

The Dublin, Ireland-based games-focused platform enables gamers to interact and connect with each other to discover new videos, streams and gaming-related news.

Each player can create their own profile and connect with their gaming accounts on YouTube, Twitch and steam in an integrated social network.

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Over 37,500 people signed up over the beta period, and have created over 45,000 pages dedicated to their favourite games.

“We have the chance to create the ultimate social platform for a community of people who are super passionate and so far we’ve been overwhelmed with the positive feedback for what we’re building.” says Sean Fee, CEO and co-founder.

“Obviously there are certain segments of gaming, like eSports, where will fit perfectly but we honestly feel the platform can cross the borders that have traditionally broken up the gaming market and we can bring all types of players together. ” exists in the same vein as sites such as Playfire and GamesGrabr, but is trying to differentiate itself by creating a more open, social network.

So far, users have generated over 1.7 million posts and over 5 million page views all through its closed beta period.

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