Claiming a third of all eSports revenue, Skillz says it's paying out $500,000 every week

eSports eclipsing real-world sports, says CEO

Claiming a third of all eSports revenue, Skillz says it's paying out $500,000 every week

Skillz, the mobile multiplayer platform with real cash prizes, has announced it's paid out over $11 million in lifetime player rewards.

Up from $2 million paid out in 2014, it claims this accounts for around 30 percent of all eSports earnings.

And the total is currently increasing from a $1 million rate paid out every two weeks.

The San-Francisco firm, which has performed a rebraning operation to position itself as an eSports company with the tagline is 'eSports for everyone', allows players to compete in Skillz-enabled mobile games for real money.

Paying the billz

True to its word, this simplified approach to eSports has proven widely poular with players and developers alike.

The platform is currently hosting 150,000 tournaments per day for players in over 180 countries, and is partnered with over 1,100 game studios.

Skillz says it's added 4 million players over the past year.

Skillz's recently introduced streaming technology also brings it further in line with eSports on the more hardcore end of the spectrum, which often foster avid spectating communities.

This is evidently an area into which Skillz is keen to push.

“Given the growth rate, eSports will soon eclipse many traditional sports in terms of audience participation, viewership and associated prizing,” said CEO Andrew Paradise


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