Flaregames signs up Limbic's F2P Zombie Gunship sequel

New graphics, new model for Zombie Gunship Inc

Date Type Companies involved Size
June 19th, 2015 partnership Flaregames
Not disclosed
Flaregames signs up Limbic's F2P Zombie Gunship sequel

Having picked up publishing rights for the reboot of early App Store hit Fieldrunners, German publisher Flaregames has repeated its trick, this time with Limbic's much-loved and copied Zombie Gunship.

Tentatively named Zombie Gunship, Inc., the sequel been in development since January and is due for release in 2016.

Gunning again

With over 36 million players, Zombie Gunship was released as a paid game back in 2011, being the #1 top grossing game in the US on release.

Few details of the new game have been released but given Flaregames' business model, it will be free-to-play.

"We've decided to move towards a free-to-play approach with the new game, and are confident that, teamed up with Flaregames, we can bring immersive, compelling and beautiful player experiences to larger audiences," commented Limbic CEO Arash Keshmirian.

The original game had its own distinctive art style

He also claimed Zombie Gunship, Inc. will demonstrate next-generation visuals that are ahead of the current generation of mobile games.

Helping to achieve that boast are ex-Pixar developer Eric Froemling and Erling Saevarsson and Jeff Miller from EVE Online developer CCP Games.

Limbic is also still looking for the right engineering talent to help fulfill their vision. You can find out more details here

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