New GameAnalytics SDKs turbocharge Android

Neck and neck with iOS

New GameAnalytics SDKs turbocharge Android

GameAnalytics has just pushed out a slew of SDKs that bring its free Android analytics tools up to level pegging with the iOS version.

Previously its iOS offering was loaded with richer features than its Android counterpart.

Now, the new SDKs will bolster the toolsets of both Android and Unity, including player progression events designed to facilitate level balancing.

Other updated SDKs include enriched in-game economy analysis, applicable to both real money transactions and in-game resources such as XP and virtual currencies.

Adding on

“We wanted to get the new version of the SDKs out there as soon as possible, so we started with a limited release for iOS and are now following up with Android support. This ensured the event structure we've envisioned will work flawlessly on all platforms we'll be supporting," said Allison Bilas, VP of Product.

“The competitive nature of modern day mobile development means more and more developers are working on cross-platform releases these days, which means we need to have just as firm a grip on the major platforms as they do.

“The fact we can now offer the exact same level of service across both iOS and Android is a major new weapon in our arsenal. We’re also currently working on rolling the new events structure out for Xamarin, Corona and the REST API for all other platforms, and more are in the works.”

GameAnalytics now has 5,400 active games in its network, and is used by more than 2,000 game studios across the globe to track 3.5 billion events every day.

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