Stugan: How to deal with criticism

The Stugan devs talk game development

Stugan: How to deal with criticism

By November 2009 Rovio had built 51 games – many of which had flopped.

Rather than let it ruffle their feathers, the Finnish company embraced the Nordic region’s ethos to keep building even when knocked down by criticism. Their next game was Angry Birds.

So it’s fitting that for the developers working inside a Swedish accelerator, how to deal with criticism is a common question.

Stugan is a non-profit programme helping 23 developers create 15 games by bringing them to the Swedish woods where they can work on their games in peace with food and accommodation paid for.

The day-to-day nature of an accelerator means that constructive criticism is a fact of life here, but that’s not always easy to take.

Pocket Gamer’s Alysia Judge has been based here in Stugan, and made this video as part of a series following the developers as they make their games.

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