Free ebook teaches app marketing on a tight budget

Big Ideas Machine has some ideas about app marketing

Free ebook teaches app marketing on a tight budget

There are two situations where you really need a manual: the first is building Ikea furniture, and the second is marketing your app.

While the first may remain an enigma, a new 32 page ebook has been written to teach developers how to market apps when their budgets are scraping the barrel.

Big ideas

PR and Marketing firm Big Ideas Machine has collected together the useful tips it has learned over five years of helping apps launch – including advice from journalists at 148Apps, The Guardian, Slide to Play and Pocket Gamer.

“It's our belief that game devs can do a huge amount for themselves when it comes to launching their titles, from PR to app store optimisation and even creating great content around their games for marketing. They just need some guidance,” said James Kaye, director of Big Ideas Machine.

To access the full ebook, you can visit the Big Ideas Machine website here. 

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