Kongregate's Launchpad program helps web indies go mobile

Online gaming specialist Kongregate wants small devs to go mobile

Kongregate's Launchpad program helps web indies go mobile

Kongregate has extended the hand of friendship to small developers.

With its roots in online gaming, Kongregate is drilling deeper into the world of publishing with the unveiling of Launchpad – an incubator program designed for indie gamers to help them bring their web-based games to mobile.

Boost up

Through Launchpad, Kongregate has promised to give indies the resources and tools to bring their games to the expansive mobile market.

The online game specialist launched its own mobile game division and a $10 million cash fund pot for free-to-play mobile game developers back in 2013, three years after it was acquired by Gamestop.

"Some of our most successful mobile games launched first on web and iterated there,” said Kongregate CEO Emily Greer in a press release.

"The Launchpad program is designed to fund innovative content from small teams through a similar web-to-mobile strategy. It’s faster and cheaper to build games for web, and that allows us to break the mold of publishers looking for projects near completion in limited genres and styles."

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