Animoca Brands goes glam with Paris Hilton-branded Star Girl IAP

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Animoca Brands goes glam with Paris Hilton-branded Star Girl IAP

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Paris Hilton is the latest in a string of celebrities to be repackaged and bundled into a mobile game.

Animoca Brands has announced a new Paris Hilton in-app purchase for the Star Girl fashion RPG.

For $4.99, players gain access to a slew of new virtual merchandise including dresses, fishnet stockings, a yoga minigame and a new fashion competition.

Animoca announced its hookup with Hilton earlier in 2015. It's also making a game based on her celebrity lifestyle. 

Bring the brand

This marks the first time that Animoca Brands has extended an existing game to include branded goods, rather than making a new game altogether.

As the name may suggest, the Hong-Kong based company has built its business around developing games based on popular IP including Garfield, Astro Boy and Ben 10.

Animoca Brands says it will continue this new strategy of pumping branded merchandise into existing games at “high-volume” – essentially as quickly as possible – within its own portfolio and those of its partner companies.

“We’re very excited to be the first company to develop and deploy in-app purchases using the Paris Hilton brand. By launching branded merchandise in an existing successful game, we can leapfrog the initial download growth phases and obtain valuable usage information for future branding efforts right from the start,” said the CEO of Animoca Brands, Robby Yung.

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