Mobile boosts Hearthstone's $20 million a month revenue, says SuperData

SuperData research shines light on Hearthstone

Mobile boosts Hearthstone's $20 million a month revenue, says SuperData

According to SuperData, Hearthstone rakes in a whopping $20 million a month.

That figure places the digital card game at the top of its genre’s cash pile, and even outstrips popular games like Dota 2 that was reported by SuperData to make $18 million a month in March.


The global market for PC/mobile digital card games is predicted to hit $1.3 billion in 2015, and SuperData stated in its report that Blizzard’s IP has “"transformed the landscape after earning more last year than its three closest competitors combined."

Interestingly, it is mobile that helped Blizzard climb to the top of the deck. Hearthstone wasn’t launched on mobile until April 2015, which coincidentally is when the game’s playerbase and revenue spiked.

There are now more players playing the game on mobile than PC – 9 million vs 8 million respectively.

"Previously, smartphones were the realm of relatively simple card games like Rage of Bahamut and Marvel: War of Heroes. Highly-complex digital CCGs modeled after tabletop games tended to exclusively target PC and tablet players," said SuperData CEO Joost van Dreunen added.

"The success of Hearthstone on smartphones shows that the most dedicated CCG players want to play their games on the go too. As digital card gamers grow to expect seamless play across devices, publishers will need to rethink their game designs to account for players' diverse tastes and different play habits across PCs, smartphones and tablets."

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