WWE brawn boosts MMX Racing brand in new partnership

Monster truck racer partners with monster wrestlers

WWE brawn boosts MMX Racing brand in new partnership

UK studio Hutch is the latest developer to leverage brands to boost its userbase.

Rather than Kim Kardasian and Paris Hilton, however, it’s harnessed the muscle of WWE for its flagship title MMX Racing.

Hutching a plan

MMX Racing is a monster truck racer that sees players compete across a variety of tracks.

Hutch’s newest game, WWE vs. MMX will see the original title’s flavour seasoned with new features like a car crushing mode, destructible track objects, and pyrotechnics as well as customized cars inspired by WWE wrestlers.

Having just implemented a new multiplayer feature this year, this is a sure move by Hutch to boost its reach and tap into a new spring of players.

The game has already gained over 15 million installs and made it into the top 100 grossing overall apps, as well as the top 5 racing category grossing charts.

“We’re incredibly excited to be able to announce the release of WWE vs. MMX. Having been huge fans for decades, the fact that we can now add our favourite Superstars and Divas to MMX Racing is very much a dream come true,” said Hutch CEO and co-founder Shaun Rutland.

“We hope players everywhere take up the chance to join in the fun of the multiplayer game and see the community grow and enjoying the game as much as we do.”

We visited Hutch in January for a Studio Profile, where the developers told us that they obsess about metrics and not chart position.

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