Kids' mobile games worth nearly 8% of global market

A new SuperData report looks at the children's mobile games market

Kids' mobile games worth nearly 8% of global market

Children may not have credit cards of their own, but that doesn’t meanthe bank of Mum and Dad isn't spending big on mobile.

Industry intelligence firm SuperData Research has found that spending on games for children makes up 7.8 percent of the global gaming market.

Mobile games for kids are especially popular in the US, where the market constitutes 9.3 percent of all mobile gaming revenue.

Small player, big bucks

In cold hard cash, that equates to $1.9 billion splashed on apps like Minecraft: Pocket Edition, Crossy Road and Animal Jam.

Parents wanting to keep their children’s smartphones and tablets stocked with entertaining material also seem happy to spend on premium, as well as free-to-play titles.

This is likely because children are less likely to rack up spiralling costs on energy mechanics or in-game currencies. A one-time fee guarantees distraction for the child, and a healthy bank balance for the parent.
In 2014 apps with an upfront cost made $96 million in the US, and SuperData’s crystal ball predicts similar results for 2015.

Still, free-to-play games earn more money in the long-run. Last year they earned $245 million from US players alone – largely thanks to their non-existent spending ceiling.

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