N3TWORK acquires Swedish studio Nio Games to produce a new breed of mobile games

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August 20th, 2015 acquisition N3TWORK
Nio Games
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N3TWORK acquires Swedish studio Nio Games to produce a new breed of mobile games

N3TWORK has bagged a brand new studio, Nio Games, as part of its ongoing efforts to “come home” to games.

The San Francisco startup began as an app expert specialising in social video, but is now embracing mobile games as what CEO Neil Young terms “the intersection of art and technology.”

Team up

Enter Nio Games, a Stockholm-based studio who will now work with N3TWORK to produce a “new breed of mobile games.”

Nio Games will work with N3TWORK to produce a new breed of mobile games.

According to Young, that means games that are specifically designed to incorporate features that play directly into the way people use their mobile devices.

Concrete specifics on how they intend to do this, however, weren’t forthcoming.

Nio Games’ Paul Wilkinson will be joining N3TWORK, along with a team of engineers, artists and engineers that are already working on an as-yet unannounced title.

Wilkinson himself is an industry veteran whose resume stretches back to the days of the NES and Gameboy. He worked as an engineer on the original Sims, was the lead engineer on Mobile Diner Dash, and was director of Mobile Development at the Stockholm arm of King.

The rest of the Nio team boast experience from firms like Zynga, PlayFirst, Disney Interactive, Electronic Arts and SGN.

“These people have all worked on hugely successful titles in the past, and I’m incredibly pleased to bring their expertise into the fold here at N3TWORK,” said Young.

“We think they are the terrific addition to our growing team as we explore the future of mobile and ultra-mobile games.”

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