Andy Payne and BAFTA-winning Katherine Bidwell keynote Women in Games conference

Andy Payne and Kathetine Bidwell head to London

Andy Payne and BAFTA-winning Katherine Bidwell keynote Women in Games conference

The European Women in Games conference is set to come to London on 2 September, and it’s just announced its keynote speakers.

Having established State of Play Games in 2008, Katherine Bidwell is an industry veteran behind BAFTA award winning games like Lumino City.

Specialising in games built with a hand-crafted aesthetic, be talking about the making of Lumino City - you can read our studio profile here - as well as her career so far.

Sage advice

The second keynote speaker is Andy Payne, the chairman of Ukie, who will be speaking about the importance of women in the games industry, and the need to promote diversity on a wider scale.

This year’s conference is also the first time that delegates will be able to participate in a series of specialist workshops run by industry leaders. The topics range from the technical such as programming or localisation to the more vocational – such as how to improve CVs.

Detail from the set of Lumino City

“This year we wanted to give delegates the chance to do more than just listen to speakers,” said CEO of Women in Games Jenny Richards. “Meeting new people and developing a network is always an important part of the conference but there is the potential to do so much more.

“Nowadays there is more awareness of the gender imbalance in games and most people want to do more than just talk about the situation. The classrooms at the University of Westminster facilitate study and we expect learning to be part of the positive experience from attending this conference."

You can find out more details about the conference here. 

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