Just 5 days to go until Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki 2015

Final PGC conference of the year on 7-8 September is shaping up to be unmissable for members of the mobile gaming industry

Just 5 days to go until Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki 2015

In just under 5 days' time we'll be in fabulous Helsinki kicking off the last of our PG Connects conferences of 2015.

If you haven't yet, there is still time to book your ticket.

Why should you come?

There are 101 reasons why this event is must-go material. But we know you're busy, so we'll give you 5:

  1. You'll learn from the best in the business
  2. Check out the latest up-and-coming developers
  3. Get to network with top companies (see some of them below)
  4. Discover the future of mobile games
  5. It's one of the best ways to meet the B2C/B2B media

What can you expect?

Who will be there?

We get it. You like lists. Here's a quick, condensed runthrough of some of the companies whose representatives you'll bump into if you do come:

148Apps, 6waves, AdColony, Alconost, Amber Studio, AppLift, Apprope, AppSpy, Ateam, Bad Crane, BadFly Interactive, Bconn Studios, Bedtime Digital Games, Black River Studio, BlueStacks, Boomlagoon, Branchwell, Cartamundi, Chartboost, CIAmedia, Combo Breaker, Companion Labs, Concept Art House, Courage Ventures, Critical Force Entertainment, CyberZ, CYMPL Studios, Dazzle Rocks, deltaDNA, Develop Magazine,, Dreamloop Games, Electronic Arts, Epic Games, Epic Owl, Exit Games, Facebook, Fat Lemon Entertainment, FGL, Fiksu, Fingersoft, Finnish Game Jam, Flaregames, Frogmind, Future Games, Fyber, Gamblified, Game Maniac, Game Refinery, GameAnalytics, Gamevil, Google, Grand Cru, Greener Grass, Gumbler, Helsinki Times, Housemarque, Hybe, Iconicfuture, IGDA Finland, Immersion, Immobile Games, InMobi, InnoGames, ironSource, Irrelevant Fish, Jumbon, Kedoo, King, Kopla Games, Kukouri, Kuuasema, Kyy Games, Lucky Kat Studios, Lume Games, Mental Moustache, Miniclip, Notorious Entertainment, Muro Studios, Musopia, MyGamez, Neogames, Nevosoft, Omniata, One More Rabbit, Oriplay, Paf, Palringo, Paradox Interactive, Parta Games, Pelit Magazine,, Pikkukala, Pixel Federation, Plarium, Playa, PlayFab, PlayFlame, PlayLab!, PlayRaven, Pocket Gamer, Pollen VC, Polybeats, Priori Data, Quadi Media, Rad Brothers, RamminSpeed Entertainment, Red Bull, Remedy, remote control productions, Rival Games, Roadhouse, Rockodile, Room 8, Rovio, SagaSocial, Samsung, Sandy Entertainment, Seepia Games, Seriously, Slide to Play, Slitherine, Small Giant Games, Smartrac, Soomla, Space Ape Games, Spil Games, Spyric Entertainment, StartApp, Sulake, Talouselämä, Tekes, The Guardian UK, The so!Crowd, TicBits, Tickity Boom, Tilting Point, Traplight, Tribleflame, Twitter, Two Men and a Dog, Ubisoft, Unity,, Vivid Games, Vulpine Games, Wooga, YouTube, ZPLAY

And there are quite a few more. Come join them and us! PGC Helsinki tickets are still available. 

With three boys under the age of 12, former Edge editor Joao has given up his dream of making it to F1 and instead spends his weekends transforming his living room floor into a venue for hosting increasingly complex Scalextric tracks. When in work mode, he looks after the production (aka the behind-the-scenes magic) of Steel Media's series of conferences.