YouTube announces native live streaming for Android games

Coming first to Japan

YouTube announces native live streaming for Android games

With the likes of Twitch, Mobcrush and Kamcord active, mobile game streamingis already a crowded market but YouTube is the big 800lb gorilla of video so there's no surprise it's announced its involvement.

Simply, using the YouTube Gaming app, you'll be able to stream mobile gaming directly from your Android phone or tablet, also gaining the option to use a front-facing camera to add your commentary.

Of course, as with Twitch, once the live stream is over, you can dump the footage to YouTube.

Interestingly, YouTube's head of gaming Ryan Wyatt revealed the feature at the Tokyo Game Show, and Japanese gamers will be the first people to get their hands on the new tech, although there's not been a formal release date provided.

[source: Endgadget]

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