Newzoo uprates its eSports revenue prediction to $765 million by 2018

All the insights from Newzoo's eSports report

Newzoo uprates its eSports revenue prediction to $765 million by 2018

Newzoo's eSports report for Q3 has estimated a higher rate of year-on-year growth for eSports revenues than had been previously anticipated.

The market research firm's latest estimations are of an eSport market with overall revenues reaching $278 million in 2015 - representing a 43.1 percent increase from 2014.

This means that the growth has outpaced Newzoo's projected 29.6 percent revenue increase, thanks in no small part to online advertising.

Revenues from online advertising are up 64.2 percent from 2014, making it the fastest growing revenue segment in eSports.

By 2018, total eSports revenues are expected to reach $765 million.

Newzoo's chart to visualise the revenue growth in eSports

Another of the report's most significant findings shows that the number of 'eSports enthusiasts' - defined as anyone engaging with eSports more than once a month - is expected to reach 116 million worldwide.

Of this 116 million figure, 18.5 million will be in North America, 16.8 million in Europe, and 53.9 million in China. Furthermore, Newzoo expects the total figure to reach 165.1 million by 2018.

This is a 29.3 percent year-on-year growth, and the majority of those in the enthusiasts category are said to have jumped ship from the 'occasional viewer' category - meaning that the eSports habits for many of those who previously only engaged once a month or less regularly are becoming more ingrained.

Enthusiasts to hit 165m worldwide by 2018

As a result, the occasional viewers contingent has seen a 3 percent decline. Regardless, Newzoo reports that the global audience for eSports - comprising both occasional viewers and eSports enthusiasts - is up 12.4 percent.

Should you want to read the complete report, including the methodology behind its findings and projections, you can visit the Newzoo website.

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