#WorldsBiggestGame calls on games industry to help save the world

The online movement is part of a wider Global Goals intitiative

#WorldsBiggestGame calls on games industry to help save the world

Whatever you did on 25 September, no matter how productive, it will pale in comparison to what The Global Goals initiative achieved.

193 global leaders committed to 17 Global Goals in order to achieve three key targets over the next 15 years: ending extreme poverty, fixing climate change, and fighting inequality and justice.

They’re grand aspirations to be sure, and the organisers are now calling on video games to step up and do their part.


The Global Goals initiative wants to reach 7 billion people in seven days as part of what is being termed “Project Everyone.” The idea is that if the triumvirate of goals are famous, they are more likely to be achieved.

In order to reach everyone on the planet, cause marketing platform Playmob has come up with #WorldsBiggestGame. The movement asks major platforms, studios and publishers to promote the goals to the gaming community and ask their players to pass it on.

For example, Google Play and the Amazon App Store are doing storefront promotions that feature all the titles sharing the Global Goals message. Mobile game messaging app Palringo, meanwhile, is helping to spread the word by creating a featured chat group that enables users to discuss Global Goals with others from around the world.

‘Gamers have huge potential and power to make a difference and we have been completely honoured to work with Project Everyone, and the best platforms and studios to make #WorldsBiggestGame happen,” said Playmob founder Jude Ower.

“The ambition is to reach as many people as possible, who can then share the message to their peers, creating a viral effect. And this is just the beginning. The momentum will begin delivering some real impact and making a difference. A year from now we cannot wait to shout about the impact from the gaming community alone, it has the potential to be huge!’.

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