Marmalade launches its Marmalade Cloud Services initiative with GameSparks hookup

All in the cloud

Marmalade launches its Marmalade Cloud Services initiative with GameSparks hookup

Autumn must be the time to announce backend services.

Yesterday, Scottish developer Tag Games put it ChilliConnects backend tool into open beta, whereas today London-based tools company Marmalade has announced a hook up with Irish backend infrastructure GameSparks.

Labelled Marmalade Game Services, and now available, the service is powered by GameSparks technology.

Integration is via GameSparks' C++ SDK, it enables developers to build server-side features, such as optimising game performance, managing in-game economies, running multiplayer features and community events.

First of many

And there's more coming.

Marmalade says the agreement is the first in a suite of new cloud-based offerings, which will be creatively called Marmalade Cloud Services.

Similar with the GameSparks' deal, Marmalade will be partnering up with other thirdparties to provide a tightly integrated experience within Marmalade's framework.

"Launching Marmalade Game Services is an essential part of our evolution toward becoming a full game development platform, so it was critical that we partnered with the best cross-platform BaaS solution," commented CEO Harvey Elliot.

"Through this partnership, we're excited to be able to offer GameSparks' backend services to Marmalade's rich community of developers, so that they can more easily build and manage server–side features of their games from within the Marmalade platform," added GameSparks' Griffin Parry.

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